How you view the companies who do not give information about subsidiaries in each quarters?

Do you read companies who don’t give info about subsidiaries in each quarter is not friendly for minority shareholders?

Many companies’ main listed company does not do core business but its subsidiaries do. In this case we don’t get enough info about the whole. How do you think about this? How do you view management on this matter.

Should govt ask them to provide result of its subsidiaries? Currently it is not mandatory.

I agree. This is creating ambiguity regarding the financial performance. The annual consolidated result could be significantly different than the unconsolidated quarterly shared with the investors.

I recently sold off Sudarshan chemicals for this reason. Do not know how to project annual based upon quarterly numbers.

Optiemus infracom gives only standalone numbers. It has many subsidiaries.
It has provided very late results for this quarter.
Also, no shareholding info till date for this qtr.
Wanted to know firm answer on one thing - standalone is good enough and we
should not doubt or mark management unfriendly!