How to value lithium exploration assets

Hello, I need some help with the below:

A mineral exploration assets company just issued a press release regarding updates on their Moolyella and Kingston Keith Exploration Projects, see link: SunMirror AG: Exploration Update – Moolyella and Kingston Keith Exploration Licences. However, the press release is difficult to interpret. In particular the data on Moolyella.

To try understand the value of Moolyella I asked on Chat GPT AI: “what reported values greater than 167 ppm lithium in an area of 2.6 km2 would mean in dollars” and the reply was "approximately $1.9539 billion”, see link:

As this value of $1.95B results in a share price 321 times the current price at €2.40, could this really be possible?

Happy for any comments on this.