How to value IRB INV or other INVs?

I have read whatever i could but i am still not sure about what are these IRB INVs, Should one see it as a bond or Equity ? If its a mix of both then how to value it ? how much is the risks associated with it ?

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The move will help developers meet their project completion deadlines who otherwise falter attributing funding concerns and for the investment made, you as an investor get a part of cash flows. Experts opinion is that the instrument is also likely to reduce funding pressure on the banking system.

It is worthy to note that
In accordance with the regulations laid under InvIT, sponsor of the InvIT fund which in the case is IRB will retain 15% units for the first three years. Institutional investors will secure units not over 75% of the total issue size

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disc: Not invested in InvITs but exploring the same


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