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How to start with researching a company

Let us say I hear name of a company say XYZ Ltd.
How do start researching about what exactly the company does, the supply chain associated, the competitors it has etc.
In general I want to understand the methodology in which the conventional advisory firms research a particular company.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Go to the website and visit first the about section and then different parts of the website (main, subsidiaries & also groups).
  2. Read the company presentation & prospectus if available.
  3. Read as many ARs (especially Chairman Notes & Management Discussion) and Conference Call Transcripts as you can.
  4. Search for analyst reports in public domain, especially the initiating coverage reports.
  5. Search Google for reports on that company and read as many as you can. Also, search & read if any books are available on the company.
  6. Go through the price actions an compare that with top & bottom line growth to know how the market has reposed faith on the company.
  7. You can also search for histories of dividend, equity dilution etc. and also how they have performed compared to the guidance given (if any).
  8. Also, form an opinion about how other group companies are faring.

All the above steps will help you form a qualitative opinion on the company & management / promoter.


Check the website -> He has given a complete step by step guide on the same.