How to seek clarifications from companies

Need help. How do I seek clarifications from listed companies or inform the stock exchange or SEBI if the company is not responding to clarification emails?

For example, in this announcement, Kilburn Chemicals has issued warrants at a price of Rs 39 while the stock is trading at Rs 59. I want to seek this clarification from the company but my previous attempts to contact the company via email ids listed on their website and in their annual reports have failed.

Looking forward to receiving inputs on how to go about seeking clarifications from listed companies and how to escalate concerns to the stock exchange and SEBI.


Typically warrants for subscription of shares are issued at prices that follow SEBI guidelines, and converted or forfeited within 18 months of issue of warrants. So check the price at the time warrants were issued, and it would be around 39.

As for seeking clarification, please contact the compliance officer at the number mentioned either on SEBI website, or better still at the numbers given in the notification or the email address. Please note that the compliance officer is under no obligation to respond to all your queries, only to the extent you question the compliance, though they may try to be nice to you.

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The below mentioned link to the SEBI guidelines for grant of options

We need to work on understanding, at what price the company can grant options.

You can always contact SEBI via Scores, its an online system for complain registration.