How to register with SEBI as a Research Analyst?

For RA, you need a bachelors degree + 5 years finance experience OR
Just a masters degree in Finance related subjects (no work ex needed). If you can prove documentation on the 7 years of handling client queries, that could help. SEBI, the registration authority will have final say, so best might be to contact them and clarify what experience certification works for them.

Also refer to RA Master Circular

@Ferrari1976 Great informative thread. However seems like IGNOU has stopped the online program and is now offering a one year program PGDIFM offline.

Most of the queries are answered here, but since every case is unique - I’d like to DM/speak with you before i proceed.

My background:
BE in IT (Mumbai)
MS in CS (USA)
Worked as a developer (Sony, Goldman Sachs in US)
Worked as a product manager, SPM (Jio, Tata Sky, Priceline in Mumbai)

Very interested in equity research, hence came up with the idea to explore Sebi registered RA

But i don’t have any finance degree like you & few others who have written above.

Deadline for IGNOU Course is: 31st Jan 2024. With less than a week, its a little rush

Hope to hear back

Could you please guide on what things we need to write for infrastructure description if we give proof of rental agreement for office space?

Any and every infrastructure you will need to perform your RA duties should be listed here. It might be office, hardware, software, subscriptions, website, etc.

My qualifications are B.Com and LLB. Am I eligible to register myself with SEBI as a research analyst?"

Not unless you have 5 years of relevant experience.

Else you need a post graduate degree in finance or markets.

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"I have been a partner in a firm since 2011. This firm is empanelled with banks as a “DSA” (Direct Selling Agency) for selling their products such as home loans and loans against property. Does this make me eligible to register as a research analyst?

If you believe your experience is what SEBI will accept as “relevant” experience i.e. matching the tasks a typical RA would do, you are eligible. Only you know what your experience is and how that maps on to the job responsibilities of RA. Of course, you will have to convince SEBI on the same.

any other courses for Research analyst for job any one knows please guide me