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How to register with SEBI as a Research Analyst?

You can simple say that you do not have any prior experience of working as a financial advisor and upload that document. I did the same.

I also highlighted my other experience (working in IT on Banking & Finance domains for over 15 years) plus my 6 year effort in research (analysis of over 1500 companies) and developing multitudes quantitative models as supporting experience.

Again, the point here is the same. SEBI wants to ensure that the right people are made advisors.

Hi Ashish,

I am facing a peculiar issue in the application form.
I am not able to save my inputs asked for in the Questions tab of the application form. When i press on save i get logged out ! I have tried saving the details ten times but no change in behaviour.I am not facing this issue in the other tabs of the form , all that data is getting saved properly.

Did you face this issue ?
I have tried changing my browser from firefox to chrome but it hasn’t helped .Any help would be appreciated.



I cannot remember the exact problem I faced, but the solution was to type the answers in the text box provided and not copy-paste it from say MS Word or any other text editor.

You might want to try that out for your problem. Apart from that I am not sure I have much to offer other than try it on a different machine/browser/browser mode, etc.

Thank you Ashish ! It was the copy paste issue . Since it was a detailed answer i wrote it in ms-word and was copy pasting the answer which was causing the problem.

I wish i would have asked for your help earlier .

Thank you so much

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Hi Ashish,
Thank you for the detailed and long explanations on the registration process. It is really informative. I am also looking to get registered as research analyst. Do u have any sample formats of those declarations and those policies that have to be uploaded. I am so stuck on them right now. Could you please help me out. How can I contact you? It would be really helpful. Thank you in advance.


Hi Nazareth,

I have send a DM with the required templates to you.

Ashish Arole

Hii Ashish

Please can you share five declarations you have mentioned.

Rohit saini

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Hi Ashish,
Really appreciate your detailed and long explanations on the registration process. It is very helpfull, I am also looking to get registered as research analyst. Can you please share the sample formats of those declarations and the policies that have to be uploaded.
Could you please help me out. Thank you in advance.


Hi Ashish,

Thank you for this informative post. Just two questions

  1. What supporting documents did you upload for infrastructure-related items? I can only think of rental agreement/software purchase agreement etc.

  2. Also, where did you upload the networth certificate? I can’t find a section in the application form that asks for it.

Thanks in advance

Hi Vignesh,

  1. Whatever infrastructure you need to perform your duties as a research analyst is what you need to upload. For e.g. if you plan to use a website then you will have an agreement with some hosting provider. Anything and everything you will create your research, garner subscribers and eventually provide the necessary service to those subscribers should be communicated back to SEBI. SEBI wants to ensure that you are ready to deliver as an RA.

  2. I don’t remember exactly, but if there is a “Qualification” section you can upload it there.

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Thank you, much appreciated.

Based on my understanding, you can. There is no direct conflict between the two roles and hence should not be of concern. In the application form, SEBI does seek this information from the applicant.

I am assuming here that you will not be providing any recommendations on Mutual Funds and restrict your research analyst role only to direct equities.

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The key point to understand is that SEBI would not want any conflict of interest. As long as you do not provide research report/recommendations on products that you are also distributing (read MFs), I do not see any conflict of interest. SEBI view may differ, but that should not stop you from processing your application. If I have understood correctly, distributors are anyways not supposed to offer recommendations on MFs.

You will get adequate opportunity to provide explanation as to how you will avoid any possible conflict of interest.

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You should find something on SEBI website.