How to reach out to the management?

There are lots of small and mid cap companeis , specially in SME segment ( don’t do earning call), I have found some really good companies but there are some questions that needs to be clarified from the management. I used the Email ID of the company to seek out the questions to them but i haven’t got any reply.

I am just wondering if they even bother about entertaining retail investors. Please share your suggestion, experience and advice about how one should go about it.

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Please call their CS(company Secretary) and talk to them. Most companies are receptive to investor queries. Also, they would answer the queries during the AGM.


From my experience one has to email them and constantly remind them again and again for a reply.I found abit strange for few companies which came into my filter who replied to my generic queries but refused to reply when probed further.After a while those stocks jumped with good volumes and are already multibaggers with in few months.Examples being Waterbase and Sampre Nutrition.

I also wrote 4-5 mails to waterbase management and still waiting for their reply. What to do? I am holding good quantity and as per current mkt situation I m worried about waterbase earnings going forward.

contact their IR - cdr india