How to interpret Bulk deals data below?

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Recently observed that there is huge volume spike in Sigachi Industries(code:SIGACHI).

I looked into NSE bulk deals to know who are the parties buying it, but I am seeing same client name under BUY and same in SELL. I have highlighted some entries in below screenshot. It is same for all the rows in records.

I can see similar in case of Lambodhara textile too:

Can you please let me know how shall I interpret it? Also Is there any other way to know large block size orders apart from this?


Very good observation @ChetRa.
I am eager to know from the veterans and the experienced.

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They are trading firms scalping for few price points. They have to take a large position to make profit meaningful.


Thanks, makes sense. Is there any way by which we can find out large block orders/the actual deliverable quantity? Basically I want to find out of ~54Lakh volume traded on that day, how much is meaningful?(meaning actually deliverable/bought by parties to hold for long term)

The NSE website shows delivery percentage.
It is only 17.4% for Sigachi industries.

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Thanks for the help again! found historical data too:
seems on 6 Jan it was only 20%.

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these are all HFT firms, they make markets. they try and make the bid ask spread. they dont try and predict the direction. instead they try and make the bid ask spread over and over again through out the day.
graviton is an Indian firm and are doing very well
XTX is the king in the HFT cash segment.


Can you share how you arrived at this information i.e. the bulk deals data?

I am trying to find details of the parties involved in buying/selling Antony Waste Handling Cell stocks on 27th May 2022. I searched NSE and BSE websites without finding any useful information. Even Google did not help.

They have just announced receipt of order of ₹1024 Cr.

Hi, I searched it here:
Similarly you can select to get block deals in dropdown.

This is not a stock deal. BMC gave contract AG Enviro Infra Projects Private Limited for waste collection. This will show in revenue in due course.

I did not mean to say the contract awarded was a stock deal. That was just incidental information.

I was referring to the spike in volume on 27th May 2022 as seen in the screenshot.

Still no luck for me. But the screenshot I shared earlier shows a huge spike in volume on said date.

Spike on 27.5.22 was due to result declaration on 26.5.22, no individual high quantity deal was done which will be recorded as bulk or block deal.

A bulk deal is a deal where the total quantity of shares bought or sold is greater than 0.5% of the share capital of the company.

A block deal is defined as a trade wherein more than 500,000 shares or shares worth a value exceeding Rs. 5 Crores, of a particular company listed on the exchange, are traded.

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adding to what @akash_das posted,block deals happen in specific trading window and are not shown in normal trading volume.

Rules set by the Securities and Exchange Board of India state that the price of a share ordered at the window should range within +1% to -1% of the current market price or the previous day’s closing price. Block deals are not visible to the regular market as they happen in a separate window.

Read more at:

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