How to identify spawner businesses

Hi All,

Came across the concept of Spawner investing. A strategy used by new age value investors to identify companies which very successful businesses, still invest capital in new businesses and make them successful. For example google, which had a very successful monopolistic search business, but still invested in YouTube, android and others. Similarly Amazon, which went from selling books to today AWS, kindle and many more.

Can you identify such companies in India. A name that comes to my mind instantly is Reliance. But I am thinking more of small to mid sized companies similar to that.

Some articles on this


Interesting, so here we are trying to look for companies like Indiamart, like they invested in several other companies in different spaces

Just Dial also intrigues me in that sense, it has a lot of cash on books and if they turn out to be a successful spawner in the future, that could be big! So basically on this thread we can track developments like those, while learning from the past of other spawners, right?

Yes. But I don’t recall just dial using this cash to invest in a new business, tech or product. So not sure if this can be termed a spawner. Correct me if I am wrong.

One more example from India that comes to my mind is ITC. But again trick is finding such companies early.

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