How to identify delisting candidate?

Is there any signs that tells that a company is planning dilisting of its stocks?

JFI for all:
A company need consent from 90% of shareholders for delisting. So, company who acquires 90% shares is almost ready to delist and promoters in no need to negotiate with rest of the shareholders.

So, add your finding about recognising promoters plan of delisting of shares.

I was thinking about Optiemus Infracom. Promoters already hold 75% of listed company shares.
It has many unlisted subsidiaries which is valuable and can be more valuable if its mobile brand get success.

Recently it was giving 52 Low for few days.Then suddenly 20+20% then few 10% gain. I think, both way few could have purchased huge numbers of shares.

Disclosure: I am invested in it.

Someone want to talk to me personally but not here about this.
Meanwhile, it is 10% UC today.

Here something has happened but not delisting.

Here company announced amalgamation of two companies into self.
Because two subsidiaries which will merge with Optiemus Infracom are far bigger than the group standalone revenue and shares will be same in numbers so market is valuating Optiemus Infracom far higher than original company.