How to help Moderators CONTAIN deviant-suspicious activity of posters

Dear @nkgambhir,

Several requests from Moderators to you, have been ignored.
Your user activity ONLY on this one thread - OSCL - is now flagged by system also as “deviant behaviour & suspicious”.

As requested , please provide more identity details, city, profession, and put up a photo.

Continued failure to respond to Moderator requests (while continuing to post) has left us with no option but to CAUTION everyone PUBLICLY about this profile. Newbie users may please treat such deviant behaviour with due caution.

Failure to respond, and/or carry out some of the requested changes may lead to suspension of account.


Every VP Member is requested to be more vigilant, and help Moderators like @manish962 (in their thankless job) by flagging. any suspicious activity - more so in these super-bullish times.

Feel free to go and check user activity (when you see deviant-suspicious behaviour) - how many posts has one made/read/replied, and more,

For info, anyone can see user activity by clicking on the poster’s userid (right there on the post, and clicking again on the profile pop-up) to reach the user activity page


Well Sir issue is not just with new folks. There have been instance with members been here for couple of years too (SVAHCL : High dividend yield small cap stock).

Along with cooling off period, lets put some harsh measures like suspending membership for couple of months etc.

As a side note I would like to thank moderators for spending time to keep this forum clean and paying attention and responding to each and every topic flagged by members. Kudos.

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