How to get the financial data

Hi All,

i am looking for statistical analysis using some personal algorithms to find investment ideas(for personal use and not for any commercial application). I need access to chart data ( daily feed ) and financial information like balance sheet, P&L, cash flows etc for last several years ( as much historic as possible, possible 15-20 years )

One way is to scrap data, but that is not ethical, and complicated due to many factors…

I don’t want to spend a lot of money in buying such data. can someone guide me how to get access to such kind of data at a reasonable cost like 10K INR per year, or free of cost :slight_smile: ?

May be guys who have some insight into can guide me on this. as this site has access to all data that i need.

when i check feed cost in NSE/BSE etc , they charge a lot of money for such kind of data…

please advise.