How to get access to granular quarterly performance programatically?

Hi everyone,

I am looking to get access to last 20 years of indian listed companies quarterly statements (P&L statement, cash flow statements, balance sheet statements). I would alternatively also be happy with ratios like P/E, P/B, P/S calculated quarterly and reported for last 20 years. Any idea where/how i could get access to these data points?

I would want to put all this data into a SQL table and do some analyses over them myself to try and better understand trends over time. I would be more than happy to pay for access to this data as well.


It’s available in gurufocus

I have it downloaded from gurufocus for active companies, I had a trial account however I didn’t download bankrupt or closed companies

I hv For period until around a year and half back
You will then need to add last 4-6 quarters from screener

What kind of analysis are you looking to do?
I have stock prices adjusted for bonus and rights

Send me your email on pm and I’ll upload it on azure and copy you a link

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Hi ed,

Thank you so much for the offer to help. I’ll share my email id with you on PM.

I was looking to run simple strategies like “magic formula investing” or “peg < 1” on my own over the previous 20 years to try and understand how well it works. I also wanted to try and understand how stock prices move in or around result days and whether particular companies have positive or negative bias in terms of how they react to results.

Also apologies but I didn’t understand how I would download these data from Could you please help me understand that as well ?