How to follow investors like dolly khanna, aashish kacholi

Is anyone aware of any website where we can see latest shareholding of any investors(like dolly khanna, vijay kedia etc) which also gives information about the latest stock they have added and which stock they are trimming etc.
Previously i use to follow website created by fellw VP member which was very useful

Can anyone suggest an alternative

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Try this link

2 Likes keeps posting about latest moves made by such investors


Thanks a lot Adiga,Akshay Kumar and HG ji.

Adiga ji : This site is best of the lot. Thanks for sharing

it charge very nominal rate of 1250 for 1 year.
Gets update in 24 hours

Hi Chirag,
Thanks for sharing the link. Have you used it?
Just wanted overall feedbacks before taking subscription.

Hi vikas

Yes I have subscribed just 2 weeks before.

Ya it is updated regularly and it also have the fundamental screener ( but our is much better and contains more variable and stocks ).

I have just subscribed to get updates on big investors movement ( just for knowledge and not following them )

I have subscribed because it was costing only 1250/- bucks just for getting above mentioned information.

You could also follow them on my site (link below). You can get alerted of portfolio changes by following them (look for the follow button when you view their portfolio).

1 Like also I can try

You can try this software to scan through the shareholding patterns of BSE listed companies and find the companies owned by particular shareholders. The key here is to get the stocks identified immediately when it is available in BSE website - ShareHolder Finder Software

You can take a look at Dolly Khanna’s portfolio from -

She also regularly suggests picks on her blog. Check out Her analysis is educational for new investors.

Hi @naruto - personally I am least bothered with either a yes or no however, in interest of others… Are u sure this Dolly Khanna is ‘That’ Dolly Khanna. :expressionless:

Your suggested Shareholder Finder sw appears to be spurious. My antivirus warns of potential threat.

Good one:grinning:

Dolly Khanna is demat vehicle for Rajeev Khanna; enterprenuer cum marque investor. Of course personally she is his wife. One of fiercely private protected investor, anyway what you see only when they disclose due to BSE requirements. This comes much after actual purchase date. Second as Tarun said it’s a recipe for disaster to do a surgery by hearing a Doctor!:expressionless:


Her analysis on the sector and company helps in gaining a perspective. The amount of research on each pick is humongous (That will be evident from her comments in the blog).

She recommends one pick every 1-2 months. She has started recommending stocks on blog since 2015, 2016 and the link below comprises of the returns of that portfolio.

This blog is nothing to do with marque investor Dolly Khanna aka Rajiv khanna.

Give a try to

Check out portfolio of Dolly Khanna and Ashish Kacholia.

Disc: I have a vested interest in it.

from your site it seems that pabrai fund dumped all shares of balaji amines and vijay kedia dumped all shares of karnataka bank. is this verified or some error in data feed?


No, it’s NA.

The shareholding pattern of Sept ended quarter is not yet announced. It will get updated within few seconds of pattern gets announced.

P.S. - You can use to set alerts for CloneFolio.