How to find ROIC in the most simplistic way?

Hello guys,

I am kind of a person who likes to keep things very very simple.

I am in search of a very simple formula to find ROIC of a business.When I say a simple formula for example - I use below formula to find ROE of a company.

ROE = (EPS/Book Value) * 100

I am having a tough time to find a similar simple & easy to understand formula for finding ROIC.

Hope you experienced guys can help me on this.

Source: investopedia
Simple formula

Thank You Lynchfan…

Being a newbie I am going to ask you basic/stupid questions.Forgive me for my ignorance :blush:

How do we find out Net Income & Total Capital ???

Also please go through this thread. Lots of information on the ‘basics’. All the best.