How to find out answers to questions like these?

What has the management done with the free cash in the past years?

As I am just starting out in the world of investing, This question got me into thinking about how you guys research about a company, where do you look for information? Do you read the entire annual report? Or some important parts of it?

I’m very grateful to be a part of this community, the forum here is very smart

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below are the resource which i started using …

  1. Investor presentation on company website (if available )
  2. Credit reports --> mostly found on
  3. Con calls --> to understand the business and management
  4. Quarterly reports
  5. Annual Report --> sections Director’s report , management discussion and analysis, auditors report , financials, related party transaction
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That’s very informative, thank you!

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You might want to include Cash flow statement also in your analysis which will help you in finding, if the company is really generating money and more so if it is by doing its core business.