How to find new stock ideas?

My question is not about finding a new stock idea. But I am looking for a website which lists companies in sector wise format ( doesn’t seem to have it) with a few basic columns like market cap, pe, sales growth etc. I know moneycontrol does it. But the columns are all about stock price changes. Does anybody know of a good site with clean UI?

NSE maintains various indices. You can find list of stocks grouped by industry.

Its broadest index is Nifty 500.

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You can start with magazines like Capital Market though not an website.

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Stocks getting included into or excluded from an index is another way to find new stock ideas. When a stock gets included in an index, it is generally a sign that the company has met the selection criteria for that index. It does not automatically mean that it is a good company but it can be an indication that company has achieved certain scale, volume on exchanges etc.
Similarly, when a stock gets excluded from an index, it can be a contrarian call. Sometimes, company gets excluded from an index because its performance has been poor. In some cases, such companies become turnaround candidates.

Here is a link to list of stocks that get included and excluded from various indices.

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Thanks @Yogesh_s and @karthik_kamath
I am looking for web version only. This seems to present in xl format. ( And also the companies that are part of the particular sectorial index) I remember used to provide the feature i am looking for. I cant locate it now. moneyworks4me com peer section is okish. But I dont like the columns they use and imo overall UI is not neat. Just wondering if there is something better out there

thanks @kdjolly. as i already mentioned in the original post, the columns are not useful. (its just about price, latest profit). I am interested in market cap, pe, return ratios etc in the colums.

Use tickertape screener

Very Insightful…I think everyone experienced that Intellectual Trap once they got success with few decisions. Flexible thinking is much needed in investing. I am not so experienced in this field but What I have learned so far is You can’t do all alone. You need knowledge and experience of others.

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Sir this page is not exist I can’t acces this page