How to find commodities prices?

How can we find commodities prices like sugar, steel, rubber and get their charts? Can we also get global commodities prices and compare them with Indian ones? Paid and Free both. Thanks!


You can get tha in here both national as well as international future prices are available with charts

Thanks for sharing but I am not able to locate. Can you please share the exact link for sugar, steel, rubber. would be a great help. Thanks!

In the website of investing you have to search for the particular contract or spot.Then only you will get the result.Use desktop version of the link.for rubber contracts follow tocom prices convert it into INR. The link is mobile version


Thanks for sharing, this helps

@jitenp Sir you are into so much commodity and cyclical investing. Can you share with us how you track commodity prices from India and abroad, plot their charts and other stuff.
Thanks in advance.

There are some links on the last page of the presentation. Apart from that, have many connects in different sectors. So, do get feedback and pricing from them. Having a good network helps.

Thanks, Sir for replying. Have checked your presentation and links. Thanks for sharing it.