How to calculate CAGR of stocks?


How to calculate CAGR of stocks?
If i buy on various days with various prices of a stock…how do we calculate?
Any tool or website which can make life easy?


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Hi Mahendra,

You can use tool from below website.

Follow this thread for a good way to calculate


for generic tracking discussion and ways.
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I think this only works for buy and hold type scenarios… what if i keep buying the same scrip often with different price over a period?

Thanks for replying though

you can use mprofit app for annualized xirr for your investements it takes into account multiple purchases of the same stock and how much time you have held it.
Even ET portfolio shows your IRR for each stock seperately

you may want to try XIRR function in MS Excel.

First option given by James (I am the author of that spreadsheet) works for multiple purchases/sales of a stock including dividends (if you add any to the sheet) to calculate IRR.
It also calculates IRR at the Portfolio level as well.


You could try this calculator which uses NAV based approach to calculate returns. You can download tradebook from your brokerage site and use it here to calculate.
This is my pet project.

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If you do not maintain transactions …You can use Recurring Investment CAGR
How to use: you need to add as many rows as you want and guess a CAGR and hit calculate you can figure out actual CAGR after a few hit and trails… give it a try and let me know your feedback.

If one learns to use excel functions fv (future value) and xirr, you really dont need these websites.

There are lot of articles on how to use them and lot of youtube vides.

agree and disagree :slight_smile: i believe XL sheet function FV or XIRR does not give you days or month level value… more over these simple calculators are for not-so-xl or not-so-math savvy folks. Your XL is a great tool.


XIRR is a very simple function to use and it gives you the CAGR of investments to a very high level of accuracy. One doesn’t have to be math-saavy or even excel-saavy to use it.

All it requires is for you to record dates and transaction amounts (Purchases are negative and final PF value as positive). These are the only two columns of inputs required.