How do you track stocks, ideas over 3-5 Years?

Hi Fellow ValuePickrs,

Am new to “investing” - Meaning I have been trading (thinking that’s investment for many years), just recently attended sessions, reading books and joined this VP forum also. Great information here…

Going by the advises of finding the right company - Management quality, business quality, Price etc, I find it very interesting to bring in the Quantitative (excel, analysis) and the qualitative (Assumptions, reading between lines, Future outlook).

What I frequently read/hear (just reading One up on the wall street ), is that the strike rates for multi-baggers is maybe 30-40% and it involves tracking the stocks (not prices).

How do you track the stock

  • To take notes on Initial analysis with ref to AR/transcripts, Credit reports, analysis etc. ;
  • Reminders for cross checking in future ;
  • Guesses made based on assumptions,
  • Updating the guesses upward/downward based on new information
  • Collecting the set of notes/history so that we can go back and learn?

I am not talking about portfolio tracker, but tracking our story of the stock to help remember our earlier conclusions, help in making decisions etc.

Any tools used or is it only Excel?

Please share some light.




Hey Anand, just a suggestion basis my own experience. You could leverage a note taking tool such as Evernote, Notion or Roam Research.
Personally, I have been an avid user of Notion, which practically serves as ready reckoner. It allows to save my own thoughts about a particular counter and also has enough flexibility to add PDFs / videos, create sub pages, and so on.


In case anyone is interesting exploring something like Notion or Roam Research further, would strongly recommend to test Forte Labs site or follow Tiago Forte.
He has a course called BASB (Building a Second Brain) which is all about how to leverage digital tools & tech to improve our productivity and thinking capabilities.
My apologies if the moderators believe this is not relevant to overall question / thread.

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Thanks. These seem one good option - mainly Notion.
Will try it out.