How do I buy funds investing in US equities?

Came across Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ - 100 ETF Fund and Franklin India Feeder Franklin US Opportunities Fund. Does anyone have experience investing in these funds?

What is the difference between ETF and Feeder Fund here?

Being in India, I’m looking for is an index fund tracking NasDaq or DJIA.

Right now, I’m not looking to invest directly in US equities, only index tracking funds. Any advice?

Typically a feeder is one which pools money and “feeds” into a larger main fund. The main fund can be either an ETF or a normal mutual fund. The Franklin India Feeder fund basically invests in the Franklin U. S. Opportunities Fund. Other than the ones you have mentioned, there is the ICICI Prudential US Bluechip Equity Fund, DSPBR US Flexible Equity.

However, one piece of caution. US markets seem to be overvalued at the current time. So, one cannot rule out a major correction. Also, please calculate the currency factor in case you want your returns in INR and not in USD.

Expense ratios for feeder funds are typically higher- given two levels of fees. For an ETF it should be lower. For those planning to send kids to US for higher education, this is a good way of building dollar assets (gold ETF is another). Unfortunately the range of options for passive strategies is minimal and even the MOSt NASDAQ ETF has a relatively tiny AUM of Rs 64 cr. I dont think there is any ETF available to Indian retail investors tracking DJIA

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Thank you for your response. Now I have some insight into what these mean and how to approach.

Anyone invested via in US equities? if yes feedback pls