How can I invest in Iranian stocks from India?

I would like to invest in Iran.

Currently there are sanctions, but the valuations are great. With 5PE with 14% dividend yield for the main index, it’s a buying opportunity when the sanctions are lifted. Stocks have risen 3 times in 2 years and there is more to go if sanctions are lifted.

I would like to open an account in Iran. I first want to buy index fund and maybe later look at other opportunities. I was searching for it in internet and one brokerage advices to transfer money directly to trading account since foreigners can’t open bank account in Iran right now.

Anybody has any information / experience on this?


I dont know if interactivebrokers can help trade in Iranian stocks. But worth a try.

They’re US based. US based companies would be wary of investing in Iran. It’s still under sanctions, which Obama made a deal to lift, but Trump is dilly dallying.

I’m looking for Iranian brokerages. One is there, but no bank transfer, direct to brokerage account. Dunno how trustworthy would that be. Hence need opinion.

You should consider the interest rates (14.5%) when you quote div. yeild - thats the rate at which your currency will depreciate. Iran is actually not as cheap as it looks to be…

Doesn’t the depreciation happens after deduction home courtry’s interest rates, i.e, 14.5% - 8%?

In any case, even taking that depreciation into account, a 5 PE for stable good growth companies seems good.