Hitesh Portfolio Review

Hi as this is my first post , so i may made few unintenional mistakes , so please probe me i will correct those ,
I have started my investing journey from peak of Jan 2008

I have made lot of mistakes and few wins , if I list out all
my mistakes trade –I may break all records of foolishness –inclusive why I bought
a particular business or why I did not hold for long time (just to give an hint
my first investment was astral polymer at few rs in 2008 but than I sold same
in 2010 after just making 2x+ , business is up 6x from there –and that was my
25% of my holding and then I invested in Deccan holding lost 90% there-10% of
my holdings )

Well this is my current portfolio based on last namo rally
some % are very skewed ,but want to hold these business for some more time –want your review of same
,may be your probing helps me to balance portfolio in some aspect

  1. Portfolio
    PIRAMA HEALT 27.1% Undervalued , Ajay piramal , -lot of busines clubbed togethe r, once it get fire , people will line up

REPCO HOME 8.2% Home Finance @ 25% cgr

SHRIRAM TRAN 7.2% Real Strong Busines , taking share from Unorganized sector -75%

STRIDES Acrolab 5.5% started with cash rich business , looks cheap compare to future potential

THOMAS COOK 5.5% Sanjay Bakshi ,Quess Corp , Ajit Watsa-20% cagr

HDFC BANK 3.8% well only busines no NPAs even in this bad economy ,even icici ,asix has hidden bad assets ,which are coming out slowly

bajaj finserve 3.6% Bajaj finance holding company , so if bajaj finance goesup ,this goes up with a lag

M&M FINANSER 2.7% facing downturn ,but world class busiens in next upcycle they should do good

SYMPHONY 2.5% 50% of orgnaized sector , unorganized -80% , electricity bills , china busines , project busines ,long way to go

ASHIANA HOU 2.2% testing patience , but this should do well in ncr , bhiwadi and jaipur region calcutta and chennai new business venture

BAJAJ CORP LTD. 1.7% single player company slowing down , people changing preference but can double in next 5 yrs

bajaj finance 1.6% beating myself , loss the bus , I know all the parameters

BIOCON LTD. 1.4% after reading biography on Kiran M , had a lot of convictions ,

VAKRANGEE 1.4% project business is getting over , as no conf call , people don’t trust the number , but they already have 20000 BCs in place and running , nos can not be crooked up

HDFC 1.4% similar to HDFC bank

SUNDARAM FIN 1.3% this can have an uptick in next 3 yrs , as new asset purchases for CV is going to go uo

CARE RATING 1.3% well a sort of quasi player similar to crisil ,but can max double in 1 to 2 yr time fream

GRANULES (I) 1.1% going up and down with market mood can easily double in next sector upswing

UFO 0.9% class cash business , lot of free cash flow , advertisement rates is joker in the card

jubilant food 0.8% biggest eating out food venture available at 6000cr mcap ,definitely last 5 yrs inflation and service taxed impacted the busine but will be a strong buisnes long term

DELTA CORP 1.1% already more than doubled , but with going out of real estate , daman coming up , only risk is political and social jingoism

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% is portfolio ratio as on today

Not an expert on stocks. But, a top holding of 27% and several low holdings of ~1% was bit intriguing. Are they just tracking positions that you are planning to build on? Else, even 100% return on these holdings will not make any difference to your portfolio return.

After seeing your post only thing that comes to my mind is — consolidation!

Step 1: When 2 companies are similar in nature pick one of them and move money from one to another. Choose the relatively better one.

Step 2: Don’t hold on to any company just on “hope”, move to better performing stocks.

Step 3: Check your sector allocation. If you are over allocated in 1 sector. Move money from one sector to another.

Hi ,thanks for inputs , at current valuation i am not interested too much to add on,waiting for prices to come down for many of the below 3% pick

actually earlier it was 8% but after the rally of almost from 600 base to now 2000+ for PEL -this % has moved to 27% i am not sure not touching same as of now
and the reason i have not entered avg purchase price as i am trying to learn current prices as the purchase price
and except for repco,granules these holding are more than 4 +yrs old