Historical Stock Price Data

I want to get weekly and possibly even monthly price data (ofcourse for free :slight_smile: ) for stocks. I can get daily historical stock prices from yahoo and google, but i dont get weekly and monthly price data from them (if we can get, kindly let me know how). Now BSE website does give monthly and weekly data, but I am unable to decipher the URL. Can someone guide me here?

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any ideas by anyone is appreciated ?

Here you go…
For Stock Prices
For Indexes
You can download the data as well.
Use the one below as well… It shows a good map of the scenery…

Above is from NSE…
Here is of BSE Listed Stocks -

unfortunately this does not give the entire data. This will only display a very small subset of data. all the data is there in the “excel” sheet which one has to download and that is the URL which will give the entire data.

this does not give weekly and monthly data.

You mean you don’t want to manually enter a date of the week and a date of the month to get data? That much we should do :slight_smile:

I dont mean that. I will give you an example. Let’s say i wish to get the weekly high low close price of Reliance for last twenty years. Just like you get to see in the weekly candles. like if you go to BSE website to get the historical prices, you can get the monthly prices for reliance. I wish to 1. get the URL where i can get such monthly prices for a script 2. get the URL where i can get “weekly” prices for a script.

See if this helps. You will have to enter the company code manually though. Select monthly, yearly or 52 week as your option as needed. https://www.nseindia.com/products/dynaContent/equities/equities/histHighLowSearch.htm

thanks for your involved help. This i already knew. will try to look at something else. Yet to find a solution :frowning:

Check this out:


thanks. i know this as well. issue here is there’s no weekly data if i remember correctly and there’s limited data, i mean probably data from this century only, not of nineties. But thanks anyways.

Google gives daily as well as Weekly data , not on their site but using Google spreadsheet, don;t know why they have not added option of monthly data, see below tutorial for pulling weekly/daily historical data from Google finance.

ya, i know. that’s because they call their API’s internally and just populate the data. so this can only happen with google spreadsheets and no other spreadsheets. these people are smart as they dont want to expose too many things :slight_smile: