Historical P/E ratios


Is there any good source for knowing historical P/E of a company ??

I am also interested to know this

Equitymaster has a graph that does this for the last three years at least.
My two cents - those graphs don’t mean much to find whether it is worth investing. Discounting all future cash flows to today and comparing with price - that’s the real value identifier.

MoneyWorks4me.com has 10 years historical P/E ratios, EV/EBIT, P/B ratios

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please put some light on how to calculate future p/e, EPS and intrinsic value of a stock as well.

@ketan0207 unfortunately couldn’t find historical P/E ratio in MoneyWorks4me.com

Click on the following link. In the search section enter your company, and you will get the historical P/E. Cheers

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Thank a lot mate…
I had to log in as a registered user and now I found it…