Historic PE for a stock over a period of time

What is the best place/way to get a historic P/E variation of any stock on a monthly/quarterly basis?

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Equity Master show the PE movement for the last 3 years for most of the stocks.

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Value Research online also give present PE and P/B value w.r.t. past five year calibrated scale


The link mentioned by you is showing present P/E & P/BV.

Does it show a chart of PE variation of a stock on monthly or quarterly basis, as required by @skchawda ?

It doesn’t show graph but it is on calibrated scale …check under essential check link

Thanks a lot for the pointer. Very useful.
A chart with variation over time would have been even better but this is also of great help…

http://ratestar.in/ can provide historical PE values of stocks as a chart

Excellent !!
Thanks for the pointer.

The site seems like it is inspired from screener.in but I like the historic P/E, P/BV and EV/EBIDTA charts feature…