Hidden truth of market frenzy & herd mentality : A comical way to highlight it :)

I came across this video, which I very vividly remember since the last 2 decades.

This video is a funny representation of market frenzy & herd mentality, that happens specially during a bull run & in which many novice investors fall trap to.

It remains a age old classic reminder for everyone., that one should always focus on the company fundamentals rather than being buoyed by its stock price.


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Epic. Still holds true for people who don’t try to do a little research. I hope this stays and people watch this video :slight_smile:

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Just too good. Worth watching.

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Yes. Thanks. Bhatti ji was brilliant in the video, as ever.

Such madness normally occurs during a bull run., the last one seen in 2008.

But I am sure our fellow members at ValuePickr are at a far more advanced stage, in terms of maturity & understanding.