Hemendra Portfolio - Requesting Feedback

Hi All,

I recently joined this forum and would love to hear your feedback on my portfolio.
I have been investing in stocks since 2016. Started of as a Graham style value investor and ended up buying a lot of commodity stocks. Now have sold of most of those and trying to add stocks that are easy to understand, with good promoter holding, good return ratios, low debt and trustworthy management. I would ideally love to have a portfolio of 8-12 stocks as it becomes difficult to track more companies.

PFB the portfolio.

Looking forward to your feedback.


Diversify your portfolio. Since you are just starting out, it is better to have at least 30 companies. Not all of them would require close tracking, say 10-12 can be tracked and rest quality companies which does not require much tracking. When we(including me) start out , we have lot of confidence which can go wrong. As portfolio grows , one can concentrate on 10-12. Many of these names can go sideways in next 3-4 years so diversify. Thank me later.

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Hi Govind,

Thanks for your feedback. At one point of time i did have around 25 stocks, but it became very difficult to manage, so i stopped tracking it entirely. I dint know why certain stocks were falling and finally ended up booking huge losses in companies like Lloyd Engg(LEEL) and Balrampur Chini.

So i’m trying to have fewer companies and a reason for why i bought it. If my reasoning is wrong, ill take it as a learning.

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Good logic to all the companies in the portfolio. In a couple of lines you have made your point regarding investment process.

The companies selected are also decent and prices at which they are bought shows good entrypoint. The only thing you can do is to keep switching into better and better quality companies as and when you get the opportunities.

Thanks @hitesh2710 Ji for your feedback, much appreciated.

I think that is a good portfolio. I too own some of the stocks which you have. Did you analyze Cupid? What are the prosepcts for it? It has just started moving up. Looks it has good chances of reaching hitherto unknown highs. What about a PSU Oil/Energy company instead of Castrol for dividend play?

Cupid seems to have a good government order business going on, even recently they secured repeat order from Tanzania. They have also secured trademark in USA last year, to sell their female condoms.

Since i already have Petronet which is a quasi PSU company, i wasn’t comfortable in investing in other PSU’s. I liked Castrol due to the brand recall and also their Castrol Bike Point network.


Portfolio update
Sold of my holdings in Castrol, bought more of Nesco and added Sirca paints to the portfolio. Srica is a debt free company, which has made the required investments to now grow Pan-India. Sirca also has good OEM clientele. But need to check if their plan to reduce receivables is successful. Sirca forms 3.37 % of my portfolio now.

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Portfolio Update
Sold off my holdings in Petronet LNG. Added Hero Motocorp and Johnson Controls - Hitachi.

Hero Motocorp - Market leader in 2W, making the rights moves with stake in Ather and Gogoro partnership. All the negatives priced in already. Makes up 8% of portfolio now

Johnson Controls - Good brand in AC industry, good promoters. 4% of portfolio now.