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HDFC Life Insurance Company

Indian life insurers’ stock prices out of line against Asian peers: Milliman report
Three life insurance companies are listed on the stock exchanges currently

Does this allow more players in the already crowded insurance sector? More consolidation as well.

Interim dividend of Rs.1.36 per share

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The first year premium collection figures:

Among the major private players, SBI Life’s first year premium grew 20.6 percent to Rs 880.99 crore; HDFC Standard Life Rs 854.47 crore (up 64 per cent) and ICICI Prudential Life Rs 783.88 crore (up 5.8 percent).

HDFC Life seems to have the topmost YTD first year premium collections.

Source: IRDA


I found this research article about life insurance industry. We might gain a lot of insights about could be done by insurers to scale up their business.

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Could somebody explain the concept of Value of New Business with an example?

You may want to read over VP thread on Life Insurance Companies - Comparison and ICICI Pru Life to obtain clarity.


Great grwoth continues for HDFC Life! (source: IRDA website )

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Does this mean - HDFC is strong choice in Corporates while ICICI is favored with retail users?

Would also appreciate some pro & con analysis.

Figures for Feb 2018… HDFC LIFE is only behind LIC

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Why are we seeing a PE of 85? Can someone please enlighten me? Given the PE the upside is capped for years to come?

Financial Results for FY2017-18 with investor presentation

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We must understand that it was considered costly during IPO listing itself but this is proven fact that brand HDFC always enjoys extra valuation. I still see it moving northwards with no negative visible signs in near future.

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my 2cents…maybe after few years it will settle at 60 PE…but i think the upside is capped for now i guess
Insurance is still under penetrated…I think all insurances will trade at par with FMCG valuations i believe

will the ULIPS revenue is also included here? if yes i think ulips will find flavor bcz of taxations

Interesting article. But I don’t understand why would Amitabh Chaudhry be interested in joining Axis (if the reports are true)

More & more un confirmed news that Amitabh Chaudhry will leave HDFC LIFE & join AXIS as CEO.

If it happens, who would be the replacement for him at HDFC LIFE?

Bench strength is strong. Nothing to worry. X goes ,Y will come

It is confirmed now that Amitabh Chaudhry will move to Axis bank as its CEO. Would be interesting to see who becomes CEO of HDFC LIFE

Ms. Vibha Padalkar is the new CEO of HDFC LIFE.