Hazoor Multi Projects Limited

CMP is 298 now. Preferential issue is at 178 a share. I don’t think I have seen a higher difference in any other company.

Please execute caution before investing, as there is no longer a Margin of Safety.
Also, cat’s out of the bag. This person is hell bent on exposing.



I read through this communication in detail. Arawali Kante Multiprojects is promoted by HMPL only, and just launched in 2021. So Hazoor has just transferred this order from AKMPL to Hazoor Private Projects Limited (Another new subsidiary of Hazoor). This is not a new order.

Now check their website update from 1 year ago.

I don’t know what is going on in this company. @Sambhav_Modi Any knowledge of this?


@Ascendant…No buddy…no knowledge on this…it’s become quite a popular trade I have my stoploss on and it’s been a good journey…just a cautious from now on… although yesterday a good Dubai based fund bought shares…but SL is on for me…thanks a lot for your knowledge ascendant…your deep dive is superb!!

It’s just I don’t know how will we execute stoploss based order if the stock hits lower circuit.

@Ascendant buddy today I sold all my holdings in Hazoor@313.25… I think so future is probably good but I don’t like herd following…so out today…wish all the best to continuing investors


Cool, I also sold. UC’s finally broken

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Spent 1 day studying the company, key materials studied :

  1. All tweets related to the company/promoters on handle @Mumbai_400071. Thanks @Ascendant for sharing the source.

  2. Changes in shareholders since Mar. 2019, plus Bulk deals of last few months.

  3. ARs since 2018

  4. Digital footprints of KMPs & directors

Concluded: It’s a shell company.

Key points : Changes in SHP is telling a lot, sudden change of CFO along offload of shares by Mellora Infra should not be ignored as a coincidence.

Disc. : Exited today at day’s high, made whooping 173% in 2 months. Thanks @chikspat for planting the seed, by starting the thread.


Thanks Charanjeev_Kohli for your detailed investigation. I also exited completely today and made 2X in very short time.
What I learn:

  1. To get lucky, you need to act. Means I was lucky to buy based on screener criteria at 120.
  2. Even after Ascendant alerted here in this forum, stock rose another 100 rs. almost. We need to be aware of availability bias, means information available to me does not change anything. It is already available to market.
  3. Endowment effect, once we own a stock, we value more with same situation. In this case, I was aware of this bias and I was able to sell half few days before and half today.
    All in all, good learnings and money of course.
    Disclosure: exited completely.

Exited at first hint of Corporate Governance issues. I had bought into the company below 100 bucks. Finally sold at 300 something.

To be corporate governance issue are a NO-NO. Manpasand beverage was a hard lesson

  1. Point: No, the information is not already available to everyone in the market. In microcap stock like these, every day new Institutes and HNI come to know about the stock. Also, one piece of information can keep on increasing stock for a long time, as people invest in chunks.

Also, corporate governance issues are pretty common with these companies, it is nowhere near as compared to BCG, EKI, Varanium.

I had a high conviction bet on Hazoor, invested small amount due to mcap and exited early. No one can know the top for sure.


CG issues with this company are as bad as BCG, EKI, Varanium. If you would like to know in detail, DM me. We can have a chat over a call instead.


Looks like hazoor has reversed. Prefrential allotment are also completed. Hopefully company should split and also annouce few more orders soon.