Harsha's longterm Portfolio

Hello All,

This is my first post on this forum. I started investing around 2017. As 2017 was a very good year whatever stocks I bought made good profits. But 2018 was a real challenge as mid & small caps started correcting. From 2019 started to look for long-term shares.

Below is my list

Large Caps

  • ITC
  • HDFC
  • HDFC Life
  • Kotak bank


  • SBI Cards
  • Polycab
  • Manappuram Finance
  • Escorts
  • TATA chemicals
  • Hindustan Copper
  • BATA
  • Sanofi

Small caps

  • IEX
  • Shree Digvijay cements

I would also like to add same companies on dips whenever possible.
Would love your feedback on this.

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Polycab is good
Would replace TATA chemicals with better stocks in the chemical sector.There are too many

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Are you investing in all via sip regularly?or? Whats the way of your investment?

I had Deepak Nitrate on watchlist for a longtime but couldn’t invest at the right time.
Have been watching Transpek Industries for a quite now.

ITC, HDFC, HDFC Life, Kotak Bank, Escorts - Through regular SIPs.
SBI Cards got in IPO & added few more during 2020
Remaining stocks i will add only after 15-20% of corrections from their recent highs.

Navin fluoride,vinati organics,alkyl amines,chemcruz,chemcon are good

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