Harpal portfolio

i have started invest in stock market from last eight month. i want to make portfolio of 20-25 stock. (40% largecap 40% midcap and 20% small cap). right now i have invested in following stock with time horizon 10-30 years (Children high education to my retirement). i am investing a lumsam amount at every big correction (Average 25-28 per month)

  1. suven life science
  2. CARE
    3, DCB Bank
  3. camlin fine science
  4. tata elxi
  5. Gulf Oil Lubricant
  6. Granules India
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Describe your investment philosophy behind each of your picks.

this all company grow at 20-25% and can maintain this performance long lasting. some of these companies are niche player

I think if your horizon is 10+ years, you can forget about market capitalization and look at each company on its own right.
And you already have a wonderful portfolio. I would be more comfortable increasing allocation to these stocks rather than getting more stocks. I am tracking Suven, CARE and Tata Elxsi - all 3 seem excellent for long term. Make no mistake, you have to review periodically even if currently you plan to hold for 10+ years. Granules is also good, but more of a valuation play and increasing margins in short term - like a me too stock in the Pharma Bull for people who feel left out.

thnax sir for your valuable advise.