Hardik's High-Beta Portfolio

Hello Everybody!
I have just begun my investing journey following the ideal of starting early! Given the scope and horizons I have in terms of time, I have created this small high-beta portfolio for the long term. Most of my screening has been done on a fundamental basis: Preferably lower-market cap, Decent OPM and Return on Assets, Low Debt, Decent sales and profit growth figures in the past few years, not overvalued, Low PEG, Real Cash Inflows, Growing Capex, steady growth in book value etc. I have tried to learn about these companies’ products and the target audience they cater to. I have also tried to the best of my ability, undertake a background check on the promoters since in smaller companies that haven’t yet developed strong goodwill, the credibility of the promoters becomes all the more important! I have read Management & Discussion Analysis in Annual Reports, read and viewed interviews they have given, taken assistance from this website, checked their social media profiles etc. Suggestions on how to undertake a promoter background check would be much appreciated! I have also tried to incorporate theme-based investment decisions.

  1. Apollo Pipes
  2. Bharat Parenterals
  3. Caplinpoint Laboratories
  4. Diamines and Chemicals
  5. Infobeans Technologies
  6. Kanchi Karpooram
  7. Sirca Paints
  8. Spandana Sphoorty Finance
  9. Swastika Investmart
  10. Worth Peripherals

I have boiled down to these ten companies which are mentioned in alphabetical order. I am also keeping an eye on Focus Lighting and Fixtures and Chemcrux Enterprises but given the outlay these companies need, they are currently out of reach.

Your suggestions will be of much value to me!


Feel free if you’d like to know the rationale behind any of these stocks. I am just a beginner, your opinions will be of nothing but immense value to me! I have learnt a lot from this community!

Yes, Hardik. It’s usually the practice to leave a 2-3 liner thesis for each company you own, so the people commenting can have a better idea about where you’re coming from.


I’ll add that by today itself. Thank you very much!!

Part of net worth into this portfolio.

Also allocation.

Given the scope you mention and are aware of, it makes more the reason to own solid structural compounder stories rather than high beta. You have many years to compound before you need that money. Just a perspective of your idea…thanks and good luck…

I feel at least 50% of the portfolio should go to long term compounding stories like asian, Berger, titan, pidilite, Nestle, hdfc as such…and remaining 50% you can experiment with these untested opportunities. That way some stability will be there …this is my opinion…I may be wrong too. Thanks.

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Great …
It will be better if you can share some detail thesis on each stock…
At your age you can try such things out of this 10 stories if only 1 work ! Than it could be 100bagger…