Hanung Toys & Textiles Ltd

lost 88% value for a year and facing problems with the amount of debt and finance cost.Its having good name in this segment

Need views on this stock

Look at tax paid by this company as % of sales or even profit! Probably it tells the story.

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I am unable to understand the impact of tax here, bcoz I am very new to the Investment world. It seems like Finance cost and the level of debt is big burden for this company. Even sales were dipping down for last Quarter. Is there any other issue in Qualitative aspects and exports point of view.

It is regarded as Indias largest manufacturer and exporter of Soft Toys Decorative Cushions and Childrens Room Furnishings. It is the licensee of Walt Disney characters for soft toys in India. The company owns âPlay-n-Petsâ and âMuskanâ brands in stuffed toys and âSplashâ in Home Furnishings.

I held this stock once around 2009 April at price 34. When I received negative feed back on Management from my friend who used to work opposite their factoryinRoorkee, Isold it @100% gain.It went andgave 5x from there and now back to50% of March 2009’ market crash price.

I am replying it in very non-technical way, debt ridden companies, if you do not know management, better to be away.

factoryinRoorkee, Isold it @100% gain.It went andgave to50%

Are there any unethical practices done by the management ?