Hands on workshop of accountancy for beginners

This post is created for the beginners who want to learn hands on accountancy from the seniors.
For starters some one please comment on different ways of calculating return on equity.
How to calculate return on capital employed, debt to burden ratio, free cash flows.
As and when a doubt arises beginners are can come to this thread and clarify their doubts.
With some examples which will make the learning easy and fun.
This thread is created so that beginners can learn to catch their own fish rather than asking others to catch fish for them.
Let’s begin to learn the language of business which is often flawed as buffett says…
Assistance from seniors and from those who are well versed in accountancy is very much essential…Thank you…

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It shall be helpful for novice like me in accounting

This book is a practical DIY guide . Very simple to understand.

How To Read A Balance Sheet: Adapted To Indian Laws And Practices By ILO.
Available at amazon.in

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This will surely help beginners…

Following is the exact quote from the book Snowball :
Buffett had always prided himself on being able to size up a business very fast, from its balance sheet alone

What are the things that he looked in a balance sheet and how did the subsequent analysis followed?

When calculating
Total liability/earnings.
Wat should be the denominator… Is it pbt or pat…
Came across this ratio in a thread which was analysing long term fmcg bets …

The CD doesnt seem to get installed in windows 10. Is that necessary?

I did not use the CD. The book was self explanatory.

The book, has some quiz like format. Is that correct? I was wondering of i got the correct book?

Ya. That’s the correct book. Its not like the usual textbook format.