Hamed's Portfolio

Hi, This is my portfolio. Any comments are welcome.

I belong to IT industy and have been investing directly in equities since 2005.

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Hi Hamed,

Thank you for sharing your Portfolio. Please share the following details also so that we can give you feedback according to your unique profile and needs.

  1. Tell us a bit more about your Career/Industry, Income profile (salaried/self-employed/business), stock market experience, VP journey etc.

  2. What percentage of overall net worth in in equity? Do you plan to increase this in the future?

  3. What is your Investment horizon and goal for this portfolio?

  4. How much paper loss can you stomach?

You can edit your initial post to include the details mentioned above. Thank you!

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Good to see someone investing in his circle of competence. I see that almost 60% of your portfolio comprises of IT or IT related companies. Is Allsec are recent investment?

Among the others I think Reliance deserves higher allocation. Reliance is not going to go up a lot and create a multibagger from this market cap but if high enough allocation is made to it a reasonable return from the company can also make a big difference to the portfolio.

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Thanks @hitesh2710 . Yes i believe in investing in business i understand, so that during bad times i know what is happening and whether it can be rectified in future. Allsec my entry was at higher levels, but i averged down heavily after last quarter results since i knew degrowth due to ALM offering is over, but surprising markets have taken it up earlier than when i had anticipated i.e. Q1 of 2020.

On reliance, i agree due to size the returns will not be too high, thats the reason the allocation is low. but if they list Jio separately i will add on to my allocation.

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6 Months since last update. -5% performance in the period. Added Bajaj Finserv + Sanofi India post corporate tax announcement.

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Logic for newgen, NGL fine chem

Their ratios are good. The numbers have been decent. But. I am watchful of these two, if there fundamentals slip, time to get out.


Updated portfolio

Latest portfolio

Portfolio Sum of 1 Jan2021 Allocation
Intellect Design Arena 13.29%
Bajaj Finserv 9.50%
Allsec Technologies 7.00%
BSE 6.95%
HDFC 5.21%
GSPL 5.05%
Sanofi India 4.36%
Mastek 4.24%
LTTS 4.23%
Ramco Systems 4.22%
Reliance Industries 3.77%
ITC 3.74%
Bajaj Finance 3.71%
Sobha 3.37%
Biocon 3.27%
Sequent 2.97%
Mukand 2.83%
Others 2.48%
Sasken 2.23%
Expleo 2.14%
Care Ratings 2.14%
NR Agrawal 1.86%
Bluedart 1.43%
Grand Total 100.00%

The performance for 2020 has been 60.35%

Following have doubled from cost price this year where i have booked partial profits and made them “free” - Reliance, Bajaj Finance, Ramco Systems, Blue Dart.

Had exited Majesco, though selling of company was disappoiting from long term perspective, on 10% allocation it provided capital to invest in Mastek, Sequent, BlueDart, Mukand, Sasken, Expleo and NRA.

Others include HDFC Life, ICICI Lombard, HDFC AMC where i intend to build further positions this year. Will exit Mukand completely sometime this year as i feel there is juice left in it due to metal tailwind, and will invest in above names.