Gujrat elections:

Another special situation with high probability is staring at us although for a shorter time frame and quick gains . Considering the probability of Narendra modi again winning the gujrat polls with considerable majority , it has been observed in the past that gujrat based( companies and group having patronage from the modi govt tend to run high). Hence would request fellow members to post their views and also any ideas for the community .



Adani group is obvious candidate but how can one be so sure about modi winning? Normally

I watch times now (arnav gowsvami) it feels that fight is still on. But if modi really wins and comes in national politics next decade could well belong to adanis as 1998 to 2008 was for reliance. I am not from gujrat but those from gujrat can throw some more light on this.

Chances of Mr. Narendra Modi’s win are good. I think BJP should win betweens 105-115 seats. Central Guj would bring more seats for BJP while they willlose some in Saurashtra. I don’t think that would affect to any of Guj based companies.We have to wait for the Lok Sabha elections.

I think guj elections should be a non event as far as gujarat based companies and PSUs are concerned.

Modi in all likelihood will win the elections comfortably bcos the state leadership in Congress is spineless.

First phase of the Guj polls had a record 68% voting. Looks like BJP heading for a big win(although you can not guarantee anything in polls & stock market).