Great job!

This is one of the best new sites seen, with a different approach. Answers most of the wishes visitors of such sites have had. Keep it up.!!



Thanks Prasad for the encouragement! We loved it.

If you don’t mind, please let us know the top 2 or 3 things provided by us that was on your wishlist, and we could satisfy. And any that we couldn’t??



i am truly impressed by the site.

Especially the company page where you can see a snapshot of the financial - uncluttered, simple but exhaustive.

I would like two more things -

1). competition snapshot

2). data refresh

Thanks Nirmal.

We are trying to put together a small team to add more functionality and maintain the site (updates, et al). We hope to be able to do this in the next 2-3 months. Stock Comparison (peers) and Stock Performance are next 2 modules to be added. Stock Valuation is the more ambitious one being scoped:)


1). competition snapshot

2). data refresh

Res sir ,i LIKE the site very much but like to give some suggestions if u dont mind –

1)Grading stocks – high growth stocks — high value stocks – add u score growth in it .

  1. stocks 10 yrs intrinsic value with how many times in 10 yrs – possible expected target – warren buffet stratigy -with margin of safety – most exhaustive task- but i think this is only possible for u .

3)http://www.vuru.cosending this link of value investing - see the screener stocks for eg cisco – very high quality screener --giving score to stocks --same think do on our site

4)stocks having consistent 5yrs high eps --with roe , less financial expenses , with high net profit eg STOCK AK CAPITAL SERVICES – warren buffet stratigi

  1. stocks with growth meter

  2. stocks with crisil and care ratings or indias top class analysts ratings-- add such stocks

  3. undervalue value stocks having high potential growth for long term 8) high growth company – high pe but having high run for long run for eg - zydus wellness – see in our site consistency in performance – free cash – roe – net pro continiously incresed – add such a stocks

  4. pl give reference of some india’s top class magazines for reference .

pl do the needful --have a gd day sir .


waiting reply sir


dr vivek patil

Hi Donald and team,

I think you guys are doing a wonderful job on this site. I have been using the site for last few weeks now and am very impressed with the quality of content and interactions to say the least. Any one can research financials and reach a conclusion about stocks. But the detailed investigations, management interviews and the interactive group is what sets you guys apart, and would also be kind of difficult for anyone to replicate easily - as it takes lot of passion, time and effort. Keep up the great work. I am definitely you user / member / fan for life.


Manish B. Gajria.

Hi Vivek,

Thanks for your encouragement and the valuable suggestions.

Many of your suggestions are under consideration. We will move to do a grading of stocks in time too. But this will need a certain degree of robustness and rigour to the stock grading system -if it has to be useful for all.

We are working on it! Ours is a virtual team at the moment, we are trying to see if we can put together a dedicated team and take the work forward. This will take 2-3 months.

Pls bear with us:)


Dear Manish,

Thanks a lot for the encouragement. And please spread the word to your friends:)

The quality of the interactions and detailed investigations is a gift from us members to the community. Each new one who joins in enthusiastically brings his own special talent and adds to the pool. We have a nice mix of young blood, senior investors and pros.

Please participate in the forums and get others to it. Thats our way of paying back to the community. I have had several seniors writing in to congratulate us on the in-depth work being done. especially on trying to understand a business.

Hope we can maintain the quality as we strive to do more. Hope we can inspire more & more members to chip in, encourage each other to ask questions, help investigate in our own ways, help locate an expert in the field, etc. Currently the hunt is on for a Pharma API expert to interview a la Shilpa Medicare business prospects