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Absolutely, I do agree that 5k had a lot of value back then in 1985, but this story of just one time investment & building a 50k crore empire out of it’s capital appreciation (and subsequent re-investment) is nothing short of a fairytale!
But anyway, when the author of the article is convinced, we presume it to be true.

I didnot understand your last statement…the author of the article is convinced , then we should presume it to be true…kindly explain…how we can base our presumption on somebody is convinced or not?

I just wanted to state that when Debashis Basu has written this article, he must have believed it to be true. I’m basing my presumption on his understanding & knowledge, nothing else.

And if you ask what I think of it independently, that I have already stated in my earlier post.

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Will ONDC dent Zomato and swiggy’s business in addition to denting Amazon and Flipkart?

A nice read on ONDC.

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This is a celebrated documentary on the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

Inside Job

I am sure many of you who have been around for a decade or more in the markets must have seen it, but for younger folks who have not seen it, this is a must-watch movie, well worth your time.

I watched the movie for a second time after many years this weekend and enjoyed it thoroughly. Lots of learnings from studying history.


Tom Knight - founder of Ginkgo Bioworks – has been called the “godfather of synthetic biology”.

From the interview –

“Well, by background I’m a computer scientist and an electrical engineer, and spent many, many years at MIT. Got all of my degrees there, actually came to MIT as a high school student. I realized that the next great technology was not going to be based on silicon or electronics, but was instead going to be based on biology, and that if I was going to be technologically relevant looking forward, that I had better be part of that. So, kind of took a right hand turn technically at that point, and basically became a biology student at MIT. So I took the undergraduate laboratory courses, I sat in on many of the graduate courses in biology, focusing almost entirely on prokaryotic biology.”

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US Markets- We’re yet to see a selling climax . Keep in mind that generally for a bear market to end , it needs a selling climax , a capitualation by masses and it has not happened yet. Majority of people are bearish but they are yet to move to cash.

A good prespective in this article.


@StageInvesting Could you share some past examples?

Macros - If someone wants a crisp weekly capsule on global macros, this link is a great place. You can either read or listen- updates come once in a week.

Happy learning.


In 1999, a 6-year-old chimpanzee named Raven became the 22nd most successful money manager on Wall Street. She delivered a 213% gain and outperformed more than 6,000 professional brokers.

Raven chose her stocks by throwing darts at a list of 133 internet companies. He became so popular that a monkey -index was formed and his stock-pickings were regularly covered in media.

1999-2000 was a bull market for internet companies- that’s why they say that in a bull market everyone is a genius.

Few say that Cathy Wood , so-called -success story (ARK) of last 3 years bull run , is current avatar of Raven.

You can read more about Raven here.