Gourav khandelwal's portfolio : requesting feedback

Hello everyone,

This is my first thread that I am creating. So any feedback will be much appreciated.
I have started investing in Stock market only in May 2020. And these last 16 months have been much rewarding for me. Stock market investing had opened a new world to me about which i was a bit naive 2 years back. I have started learning about stock market from the very basics. Few things that has helped e gain come knowledge is my habit of reading. In last 15 months i may have read close to 15 to 20 books on investing and few people who have influenced me a lot are Warren buffet, charlie munger, Mohnish pabrai, Peter lynch, Saurabh mukherjee and ramdeo agrawal.
I have also been following few people on twitter and youtube. And Through these sources i have created my portfolio which have given me decent returns in last 15 months. My approach to a company starts from twitter only. I get to know about a company which people are talking about then I search for relevant videos on YouTube, then I try to fit these companies in the framework that I have created in my mind through readings(investment books), And try to analyse companies based on those frameworks. My approach is not much organised as other people have here…but I am still in the learning phase. Thus feedback will be much appreciated.
These are my holdings:
Bajaj Finance: 12%
HDFC Bank: 8%
ITC: 11%
IEX: 14%
Galaxy Surfactant: 5%
TaTa Motors: 7%
Deepak Nitrite: 8%
United Spirit: 9%
Asian Paints: 4%
Motilal Oswal :5%
Syngene International :3%
Laurus Labs :6%
Jubiliant Ingrevia :3%


Hello Gourav,

Welcome to ValuePickr.

Can you elaborate on the rationale of picking these stocks. That would help the community to provide better feedback.

Although, Looking at the list , you have some great stocks (my sole opinion).
You can check for some IT stocks as well if you believe in tech growth for future.

Mar-May 2020 was when market was comparatively lower so great timing of buying the stocks indeed.

I have picked these stocks In different stages of my learning. I have started analyzing stocks quantitatively earlier on that basis I have picked ITC, HDFC Bank and Bajaj finance. Then I have started learning about EV boom that may come in india, On that basis I have picked Tata Motors. Then leaning that people in india are now getting interested in stock market…thus i have picked HDFC AMC and then Motilal oswal on that basis.
Since last three months I have started learning about chemical sectors and pharma and attended few webinars… thus i picked Deepak nitrite, Galaxy, Syngeen, Laurus and Jubilinat ingrevia.
I have not invested in IT sector because I find that their are so many players and they are all competing with each other and I do not see any one company which have advantage over other…I did hold Tata Elxsi…but I later sold it …beacuse I was not able to understand their business. Also I thought stock was a bit overvalued. But the market proved me wrong :smile:
I chose IEX becuse financials looked good in december and Also it has monopoly in Power trading platform. thus on that basis only i chose.

Sir can you elaborate why did you buy United Spirit’s when more efficient players like Radico Khaitan are in the Alcohol space?