Good Books On Valuation

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I am relatively new to the markets, and have recently gone through books by Graham, Klarman, Greenblatt. However, I would like to read 1-2 good books on valuation - which talk about the value of a company, various ways to measure it, arrive at a range of values, talk about those techniques etc. There are the usual suspects like McKinsey’s book, Damodaran on valuation - any suggestions which members here have?



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The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing - by Pat Dorsey


Been reading McKinsey’s book on valuation. Pretty good book, a wee bit theoretical though.

There is a super hit post “VANTAGE POINT” by Prof Sanjay Bakshi in his blog fundooproffesor .

Everything that any author has written comes only 2nd to that.

P.S. My personal opinion

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That was a good post, thank you :slight_smile:

It is a little technical, but it makes a lot of sense: Accounting for Value by Stephen Penman

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I have been reading this book by Stephen pennman. I am unable to finish it.

Its too dull for me or May be, my intellect is below his writings.

If you have a basic understanding of Financial accounting, then I find this book quite useful which I am reading these days.