Goldstone infra . electric bus story

Central govt planing to introduce commercial vehicle scarping . this will be a huge trigger for bus and truck companies. If state transport corporations decide to replace old busses with new electric busses this will be huge trigger for gold stone. Gold stone has entered into tieup with byd Chinese mfgr of electric busses assembling in India. Gold stone has got some orders from best. If any body can put some light into goldstone it will be very usefull

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goldstone is not the manufacturer or its not have any product in the process of making electric bus its just that their chinese player will sell their electric bus through goldstone… i found their is nothing to look on… rather JBM auto has started manufacturing electric bus which is worth to look @josephseby

Company has recently got order of 5 buses in Mumbai 25 in Himachal Pradesh. The collaboration with The Byke Ltd a Chinese company has provided a boon to the company as the company is a market leader in Battery segment moreover for any buses electric buses contributes a major part say across 60% so in this segment company has a differential advantage toa greater extent and can easily compete moreover company is planning to sell the power business to a Us based company valued at 108 cr . Cost for 9 mtr bus is approx 1.8 cr and 12 mtr bus is 2.8 cr mover over recent government is also very favorable as government is interested to introduce 150 buses in Bengaluru and 100 buses in Pune and many more to come

So what if the company is not manufacturing right now. Look at it from the customers perspective; what will they buy, at what price will they buy? Does Goldstone have a significant advantage compared to the competition?

If Goldstone is able to outbid the competition and secure orders will the shareholders not stand to benefit?

What I have heared is that company is to assembling business. the recent collaboration with Chinese player will bring down battery cost to a significant extent thereby increasing margins as compared to the peers and thereby will benefit Shareholders business

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