Gautam's Foundation Portfolio


I have Joined valuepickr just 2 days back. Gone through some content. Congratulation on wonderful forum.

I have been investing on and off from last 10-12 years. But it was more because of urge than any seriousness. Started investing seriously in last 7-8 months and my portfolio is reflective of learnings and mistakes. Please give your valueable inputs on the same.

Welcome Gautam. As you will notice, the standard practice is for the members to mention the rationale for their investment (in brief) as well as the basis of allocation. Everyone has a different take / conviction on their portfolio. Having the thought process clearly articulated helps other members to provide inputs if there are any gaps or blindspots.

Hi Gautam, I see in pharma you have good exposure to Sanofi. Can you let us know your rationale to select Sanofi over other MNC abd even domestic pharma companies?


My first point of filter about any company is
“Are its products around me. Visible to me on daily basis. Will I buy it. Consumer satisfaction. Then balance sheet and all other checks “
Sanofi - Didn’t looked weightage. Just accumulating.
IOC and NTPC I bought for dividend yield. But now feel were mistakes.
L&T finance - I don’t know why I purchased.
Lemontree was tremendously beaten down. Thaught sector is about to open up. Balance sheet was also not that bad.

Please guide to refine my technique.

Thanks in anticipation