Gaurav's Portfolio

So, i’m 25 and i graduated from university 2 years ago (B. Engineering). Currently i work in an export services company whose primary business is trading frozen food items (we’re trading in all the major western countries and have recently expanded to include China, West Africa and few other developing markets).

I started out my journey in the equity market in March 2011 and my first exposure to investing was a year long SIP in Tata Steel and Goldbees.

In August 2012 after my year long SIP was done i decided to try and experiment a little and try and build my own portfolio. I don’t really have time on a daily basis to monitor the markets and i’m still a very inexperienced investor so i thought i would play around for a year or more and see how things go before allocating a sizable chunk of my income to equity (I also regularly investing in my PPF and LIC etc.).

The way i see things; i’m still young and i can afford to take a risk or two, at the same time i don’t want to be brash and waste an entire year making uneducated guesses and loosing money that i have worked very hard to earn.

Currently my portfolio looks like this:

Stock Weightage Avg. Price

Dish TV 7% 77.80

GoldBees 10% 2530

Karur Vysya 30% 437

K.S. Oils 1% 4.25

NHPC 6% 23.30

Sterling Inter 7% 10.70

Tata Motors 8% 275

Tata Steel 14% 455

TV18 17% 34.50

The addition of Sterling International and K.S. Oils is a pure gamble that i have taken with a 3-5 year view and i’m willing to hold onto both just to see what really happens.

As of now i am planning to increase my holdings in Dish, TV18, NHPC and Karur Vysya bank. I would really appreciate some guidance on how i can re-structure my portfolio to give me a return of 25%-35% annually.

Your suggestions and valued opinions will be much appreciated !

Thank you,

Kind Regards,


How about putting money into 10-15 fast growing (say a 5 yrs history of YoY 20%+ growth) non-cyclicalcompaniesinstead and see how it goes after 3-5 years?

Like say HDFC Bank ? check out prabhakar kudva’s blog for more details ?

Thank you for the recommendation Mr. Panda; Mr. Kudva’s blog is exactly what i was looking for and now i am a regular reader of his blog !