Gaurav portfolio Q&A

I have started invest in stock market from november 2014, I want to make portfolio of small cap as well as mid cap of 10 stocks not more than that. I have invested in these stock with time horizon 2-3 years.please suggest in all these stock

  1. Sintex
  2. Orchid
  3. Adani enterprises
  4. South india bank
  5. Sumeet industries
  6. Jindal saw

Hi Gaurav,
Can you also give your rationale for getting into these stocks? why did you find them attractive both as a business and the stock price? Do you have any expert opinion or field knowledge to pick these stocks

sintex profit and sales is growing quarter to quarter


this stocks are my own searching and they have potential to grow the buisness as well as profit which i am seeing
as surely u will see the company growth in upcoming quarters

looks attractive petron engg , lloyd electric & anil as seeing there sales & profit

your portfolio mix very unique with a mix of sectors & industries. i am usually good at giving negatives and picking holes in the theory. that why i asked the question to understand if you follow specific screens or traits in your stock.
my portfolio is usually mix of mid cap & small cap which are easily understandable business or sector. i usually getting into large cap/highly complex industries/PSU/mining/metal/ Cyclical stocks.

Hi Gaurav,

Sumeet and Orchid seem to have high debt on the balance sheet. Whats the reason for buying these two companies.


Karthik Kamath