G1's Portfolio Review

Hi All

This is my first post here in the forum. I would dearly love to hear from you about my portfolio and review if there are any changes needed. I must confess that these stocks were picked from borrowed conviction by reading through this forum and there was no detailed study involved.

However, from the past 2 months, I have gone through and studied the stocks and removed a few from the stock list.

Below are the buying price and the current holding numbers.

I earlier had Alstom T&D at 373, which I sold at a partial loss at 369 which was an informed decision after looking at the prospects of the company. Same is the case with AVTNPL which I sold at purchase price.

I am fairly confident about the above stocks and expect it to perform well over long term. Subex and Suzlon are long term bets trusting the turn around story.

I am considering swapping SBI for CAPF, your thoughts on the same will be helpful.

PS. I am a new investor and I will add on to the above shares as and when I have the funds.


Hi All

Sorry for posting this is wrong thread, I have moved it to the appropriate thread.

From the time of posting, I have sold Granules and invested in Syngene at 412 levels from all the proceedings from Granules sale, as I wanted to have a pharma company focussed on end to end solution.