G a u r a v ' s P o r t f o l i o

Hi All

Here's the composition of my portfolio.

Percentage Reason
13 Stable Business,Various Triggers such as hive off of loss making retail arm, Heritage Parlor expansion, increasing margins, good brand, recent high valuation deals in dairy sector 10-12 times operating profit
Ajanta Pharma 13 Well Known in the forum. One of the most consistent pharma companies in last 5 years, exposure to Africa, ANDA approvals
Orient Bell 12 Very low valuations compared to Kajaria, has to narrow sometime in future as it is a decent brand, and the has good capacities already setup for future growth
Visaka Industries 10 Very Low Valuations, should post excellent results in next quarted as they have accumulated good inventory which shows expectations of good sales
TCPLPackaging 9 Good Stable Business, Good promoters,market leader and supplies to FMCG sector.Recent tie up with Swedish company AR packaging company, Excellent operating cash Flow and decent dividends. Low historical ROE, but should improve in future
Govind Rubber 8 Good promoters, very low valuations due to inconsistency in past and high leverage. can post excellent results due to declining rubber prices, high end kids bicycles business can be an attractive one with urbanization theme
Everest Industries 8 Besides building products business, it is in steel buildings sector which could have really huge potential in future. It can turn out to a great long term player.
Acrysil 7 Sinks business can be another big beneficiary of the urban construction play, has posted great results in last quarter, products are sold to european customers, which is proof of quality
Jain Irrigation DVR 5 Huge potential, its a market leader and is taking all right steps to take advantage of the potential
Cash 15

Any comments from the experts on the above portfolio?I am planning to add FDC & Rossell india by decreasing risk on few of the construction related companies above. Please suggest which once should be removed/reduced.

My definition of construction related companies includes Everest, Acrysil, Visaka & Orient Bell.