Future opportunities in EV segment

The EV auto space is rapidly evolving with direct and indirect government push plus increasing market interest in electric vehicles. I would like to learn from the views and opinions of the members for EV segment.

Nice to start with but when you see ev you need to understand it can largely be categorised in 3 segment.

  1. Basic material this include parts and raw material etc
  2. Manufacturing this can be 2,3,4 and heavy vehicles.
    3)after sales parts this can be service , new things like charging and others.

If we just see the real main money is in manufacturing but that is also the most volatile in nature.

After sales is quite a big market also and is also consistent but also have huge capex and constant money flow and can be quite robust but is also very keen to goverment regulation and be less free in nature.

Parts buisness depend a lot on market volatility and is also quite volatile as it highly dependent on demand and supply but is also the most exponential growing and also need less capex constantly so can be quite rich.

Current situation there is a very highly evolving and constantly changing market so betting big on one thing could be very highly profitable and also risky so keep an eye over there.

You can gain even in this changing market but always review constantly and need a great insight over time and may need to not hold some stocks for to long.

As a recommendation please read dhrp of Sona comstar it will really help you and also read some stocks like olectra greentech annual report.

I am not saying tata motors as there are many buisness so can skip many and focus on just ev portion.

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Battery research and tech development have largely been happening in USA, EU and China. And mainly they make these things for the respective operating conditions ( road conditions etc)
Indian companies would be required to target tech solutions suitable for hotter climatic conditions and usage patterns in india.
Either New chemistry or optimize the existing ones.

This report not covers the kanta extrusion which assembles battery packs for EV.
HBL Power is one of the leading Lead Acid battery manufacturer in india also plans set up a plant for Li battery for EV.
Some other small players also ignored.