Fundamentally sound Portfolio

Hi All

I have created and invested in the following long only approx. equiweighted portfolio in the 1st week of Aug-17:
Amal Ltd
Bhansali Engineering Polymers
Control Print
Cupid Ltd
Dewan Housing Finance Corp
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
Indian Metals and Ferror Alloys
KEC International
L&T Infotech
Maruti Suzuki
Proctor & Gamble
RBL Bank
The Byke Hospitality
Thirumalai Chemicals
Vakrangee Ltd
Vardhman Holdings Ltd

I believe these stocks have quality earnings, growth and momentum (with most). My expected return is Market + 5% annually. Though, I am looking to rebalance the portfolio every month, hence 1-2 stocks may change every month. Please share your thoughts?

Dear Aggaran,

Indian market is moving because of liquidity only. Earnings of companies not yet on the line . At this juncture asset allocation is very important . Large cap /Mid cap / Small cap % holding has to be seen in the portfolio. If your holdings are too much inclined towards small cap/midcap, chances of losing are very much high although your horizon is long-term.

please share , quantity , entry price , Long term horizon ,rationale behind picking this stocks .


Would suggest to look if control print really has ability to generate cash flow or will keep sucking due to non ability to negotiate with customers , I think working capital intensive and lack of negotiating power to customers lead to good accounting profit but less cash profit that’s my initial research said n then I did not deep dive
Second point on vakarangi, you may like to have a re look on quality of cash earnings